Hello, my name is Nate, and I hope you've got a tasty beverage and some nice music playing, because this little blurb might take a while. If you're looking into me as a photographer, you're not just looking for someone that can point their camera in the right direction and push a button, you're looking for someone that can catch the all the big moments, as well as the little ones in between. Your photographer shouldn't just be some person with a camera, but someone that is going to be a part of your experience, and someone that will help it be great. With that in mind, hopefully you can get to know me a bit...

I would love to say that I am a photographer, but as a mentor of mine and I were discussing while shooting recently, we were both curious about at what point does something we do become an indicator of who we are. At what point does someone that simply enjoys taking pictures gain the label of photographer? Perhaps it's when you get paid to do it, or perhaps it's when you're good enough to be seen as having some skill. If I had to take a stab, I'd say it's when I started getting confused by cameras that only had a couple buttons on them, or when "auto" became a four letter word (like the pun there?).

Enough of the philosophy though, as this page is supposed to be about me. So, what about me? Well, I will say that I am a husband, a parent, and a counselor (by trade). I'm patient, I like to think on my toes, and I have a rather dry sense of humor. I was all but born with a camera in my hand. My dad's camera bag was my favorite toy. Like many things in our lives, photography waxed and waned as a part of my life, but was never far off. I've always liked my toys and pushing buttons, got my hands dirty in photojournalism during college, and after a while, or as my now wife tells it, I was inspired by her abstract photos to get back into it, and thus my love for photography took off.

Everyone with a page like this will say the same things about their photography... it's a passion, it's an art, it's a way to communicate, and a way to capture moments that would otherwise be lost... and I am no different. I enjoy the peace that comes with finding a nice place outside when taking a landscape, and the controlled chaos that comes with trying to arrange bridal party formals while chasing down a 4 year old flower girl. To be honest though, sometimes I just like the sound the shutter makes. The viewfinder is my Zen place. When I look through a lens, the world around me disappears, and all that matters is what's in my viewfinder. I breathe, I give a deliberate squeeze, and click. Got it. That memory just found it's way into your next favorite photo.

If you've seen the pictures and made it this far... I might be the photographer for you. If you've wanted someone that will be fun, professional, and understanding of what's going on in your day... I might be the photographer for you. If you're looking for someone that will bring images that exceed your memories... then I might be the photographer for you.